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TerraLife® - N-Fixx 50

TerraLife® - N-Fixx 50

Rapid soil coverage and nitrogen fixation

  • Freezes off very well
  • Very good nitrogen accumulation
  • Improved humus formation through the high proportion of legumes

N-Fixx 50 is a perfectly balanced all-round mix. It contains more than 80 % legumes (large and small grained) and is therefore an ideal basic mixture for raising the soil nitrogen content. It is excellent for winter grain crop rotations and freezes off reliably before summering. Furthermore, it leaves very good tilth,  creates humus and contributes to the health and vitalisation of heavily used soils. Its subsequent N-releasing property must be considered during N-fertilisation of the follow-on crop. The mix is also available without buckwheat.

N-Fixx 50 can be fertilised in Federal States in which the proportion of legumes in the cover crop mix is reduced to a max. of 50 % without restriction caused by the proportion of legumes. 

Cover crop species: Summer cover crop


100% Phacelia, Egyptian clover, oil flax, serradella, Persian clover, common vetch, niger, field pea, sunflower, sorghum, safflower
If a certain variety is unavailable it will be replaced with equivalents.

Cultivation Instructions

Sowing rate40 – 45 kg/ha
UseGreen manuring
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