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TerraLife® - MaizePro DT

TerraLife® - MaizePro DT

Balanced, partly hardy cover crop for maize crop rotations

MaizePro DT is the ideal mix for maize crop rotations. It selectively supports the formation of mycorrhiza and improves the soil structure. The intensive root  penetration creates new root channels, which help the maize particularly during periods of drought. The hardy components guarantee erosion protection right into spring. After a successful cover crop, the soil only requires working to a depth of the soil horizon receiving the maize seed. In this way, the capillarity is maintained, ensuring water availability for germination. MaizePro DT is also suitable for sowing flowering buffer strips.


Cover crop species: Summer-/Winter cover crop


100 % Linseed, phacelia, Egyptian clover, niger, rye, Abyssinian cabbage, serradella, deep-rooted radish, Persian clover, common vetch, alsike clover, sorghum, crimson clover, winter vetch, field pea, red clover, safflower, sunflower, white clover
If a certain variety is unavailable it will be replaced with equivalents.

Cultivation Instructions

Sowing rate40-45 kg/ha
UseGreen manuring, extensive pasture use
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