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TerraLife® - AquaPro

TerraLife® - AquaPro

For water protection areas and oilseed rape rotations

The legume and crucifer-free mix AquaPro was developed specifically for water protection areas in collaboration with practitioners and water protection advisers. It does not produce nitrogen itself, but protects mineralised nitrogen from leaching. Species like niger seed, buckwheat or phacelia grow well and produce a lot of biomass. At the same time, AquaPro offers very good erosion protection and improves the soil biology. The N-loss during AquaPro cultivation is lower compared with fallowing or a mustard single crop. AquaPro is also available without buckwheat.

Cover crop species: Summer-/Winter cover crop


100% Bristle oat, sunflower, niger, linseed, buckwheat, phacelia, safflower, sorghum
If a certain variety is unavailable it will be replaced with equivalents.

Cultivation Instructions

Sowing rate25-30 kg/ha
Date for sowingWithout buckwheat: late July to 25 August at the latest With buckwheat: early August to 25 August