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Winter forage rape (Brasscia napus)

Palatability and high digestibility

LICAPO is a high-yield 00 forage rape. This variety is equally well suited for silage and pasture; the leaf health and high leaf ratio of LICAPO ensures good forage uptake and low pasture residue. LICAPO is free from erucic acid and low in glucosinolates.

Planting tips
Sowing rate Feed use 8-12 kg/ha, 12-15 kg/ha greening
Sowing date July till beginn of september
Usage Grazing, cut, green manuring, fermentation gas
Fertilization Feed use: 80-100 kg N/ha, green manuring: 30-40 kg N/ha
Special characteristics Feed use: tillage july till august; greening: tillage mid of august till begin of september


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