Deutsche Saatveredelung AG (DSV)

Spring Wheat


Spring wheat E-quality

  • Medium grain yield
  • Good brown rust and fusarium resistance
  • Medium ripening and straw lenght
  • High protein content and TGW

Distribution in: EE, LT Breeder: DSP AG, Agroscope


Spring wheat with the option for late autumn sowing E-quality

  • Stable Hagberg falling number, good protein content and high HLW
  • Medium ear emergence and ripening
  • Excellent Fusarium head blight resistance (Score 3)
  • Balanced resistance profile

Distribution in: DE, EE, LT  Breeder: LLA Triesdorf



Spring wheat E-quality

  • High yield level for an E quality wheat
  • Medium disease resistance
  • Medium ripening and very good standing ability
  • High protein content and good HFN stability

Distribution in: LT   Breeder: LLA Triesdorf


Spring wheat with the option for late autumn sowing E-quality

  • Good yield stability
  • Very high protein content
  • High level of Fusarium ear blight resistance, good to medium leaf health
  • Wide ecological adaption

Distribution in: AT, BY, CZ, DE, EE, FRLT, LV, PL, RO, RU, SE, UA   Breeder: LLA Triesdorf


Spring wheat E-quality

  • Medium yield performance for an E wheat
  • Good protein content and specific weight
  • Medium ripening and good standing ability
  • Good brown rust and fusarium resistance

Distribution in: NO, SE nbsp; Breeder: LLA Triesdorf

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