Deutsche Saatveredelung AG (DSV)

DSV cereal breeding - A Story of Success

Wheat and barley breeding

In our winter wheat breeding programmes the focus is on developing high-yielding varieties with good agronomic features and baking quality. In winter barley, varieties are selected mainly for the characteristics of yield, straw stability, winter hardiness and grain quality. Over the last twenty years, we have steadily expanded our breeding activities in cereals. DSV has now in addition to the main seed breeding station in Leutewitz, Germany, three other seed breeding stations in European key markets – in France, Ukraine and in the United Kingdom. Our own Europe-wide testing network allows the selective breeding on environmentally stable varieties suited to more or less all of the major cereal growing regions in Western and Eastern Europe. DSV has also a strong partnership with two breeding companies for spring wheat. The international distribution of these spring wheat varieties is organised by DSV.


International distribution

DSV is one of the market leaders in winter wheat in Germany and DSV varieties have been introduced to the market successfully in many other countries as well. Depending on the country, DSV cereal varieties are sold through wholly-owned subsidiaries or distribution partners. In 2016 DSV started its own distribution line for cereals in Germany.


Milestone of the DSV cereal breeding


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